Chicken Pot Pie

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During the winter I often crave the warm comfort foods of my past, that are almost impossible to find gluten and dairy free, as well as prepared in a healthy way. One thing I really miss is Chicken Pot Pie. Usually loaded with butter and cream and topped with a pastry crust, this is a dish I wasn’t sure I would be able to have again. I decided to try it with goat’s milk, olive oil, and a gluten free pastry dough that I made and it was fantastic! I added some swiss chard for added nutrients on top of the traditional carrots, celery, onions and peas. I used earth balance in the crust but you could use another dairy substitute if you are avoiding soy. The crust was crumbly and delicious, the sauce creamy and not tangy as I would have expected with goats milk, and the chicken was poached to perfection. I made a big batch, baked some off with the crust on top and put the rest of the filling in individual containers in the freezer so that I could have it anytime the craving hit! I actually just reheated it and stirred in some gluten free fusilli one evening and that was delicious and a bit lighter without the crust! Either way it is a hearty meal, full of vegetables and chicken, that anyone who is missing chicken pot pie will enjoy!

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