Serrano Wrapped Scallops

p:w scallops

I am lucky to work so close to the Union Square Farmers Market, which I have doted on before. Every wednesday after I work a lunch shift, I walk by the fish stands at the market and think about what I am craving. I have been in a scallop mood lately and thought it would pair well with my favorite charcuterie, Serrano Ham, from Brooklyn Larder. I had some potatoes from my CSA farm share and a couple of brussel sprouts from the Park Slope Food Coop and so I created this dish. It is a potato puree, with seared serrano wrapped scallops, drizzled with chili oil and topped with shaved brussel sprouts dressed with lime juice. It was incredible and very easy to make! It was light, yet filling, and the perfect fall/ winter seafood dish. The restaurant I work at put something similar recently on the menu, unfortunately with quite a lot of dairy, but it affirmed that I was on the right track with something good! The chili oil is essential in this dish. The spice with the acid from the lime and the creaminess of the potatoes and scallops all go together beautifully. Find the recipe HERE!