Oven Thermometer

roast chickenFor my birthday this year, my sister got me an oven probe thermometer, which is heat resistant and can stay in the meat while cooking. You can set it for the type of meat, and the doneness you desire, or the actual temperature that you want the meat to be. It is incredible! Oven thermometerI have made the most succulent, flavorful, and perfectly cooked meat with it. I highly¬†recommend¬†that you invest in one if you like roast meat, and like me, worry about making sure things such as a chicken are fully cooked! I often err on the side of overcooked so that I don’t risk it, leaving my chicken dry and lacking in flavor. So far I have made Herb Roasted Chicken, and a Roasted Rack of Lamb. I cooked the chicken to 170 degrees and the lamb to 135 (medium rare) and they were both perfect.Lamb cookedroast chicken plate

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