Creme Brulee? I think so.


CB bruleedI was talking about creme brulee the other day and thought to myself, I bet I can do that with goats milk. After a trip to chinatown where I found the perfect dishes, shallow and wide for optimum sugar coverage, and a blow torch, I was ready to go. There are a few things that could be problematic in making a goats milk creme brulee. Creme brulee calls for heavy cream to make the custard and it is sort of impossible to find goat cream. Full fat goat milk is available, however, it has less fat then cow milk, and so therefore even less fat that if I were to just substitute cows milk for cream. So, I was hoping it would just be a light custard that still set. It overall worked pretty well! It was slightly thinner then a normal creme brulee but the flavor was fantastic and to be honest I liked the light texture. It didn’t weigh us down as much as a normal creme brulee would. It is also an added bonus that creme brulee is naturally gluten free! This recipe for Goats Milk Creme Brulee is really easy and can impress a crowd. I would highly suggest you try it!

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