straw pie slice

So this past I was in Texas visiting my aunt and her two amazing three year old twins. Her fridge was stocked with a bounty of berries and greens. I commented on how amazing the fruit was as it is quite expensive in New York and so I rarely have berries in the winter. She proceeded to tell me we were going to Costco to stock up and I would bring some home. I was a bit apprehensive about how I would get 4 pounds of strawberries as well as raspberries, blueberries, and blackberries home on the plane, but she found the perfect bag and off I went. So, what to do with all this fruit? Eat it fresh of course, and plentiful smoothies have been wonderful but I thought, what else? I washed, cut, and froze half of them and then my sister Emily suggested I make a pie. I decided on a strawberry raspberry pie with a coconut crust. I figured the raspberry was a nice twist on the traditional rhubarb as it has a similar tartness. It turned out quite well, although a bit too much liquid cooked out of the berries, so it was very juicy. Next time I would toss them in a bit more corn starch, but warm with a bit of coconut ice cream, it was heavenly. I plan on freezing individual slices so that I can have a dessert whenever feeling slightly indulgent.

straw pie openstraw pie cooked

Open Faced Egg Sandwich

egg complete

I woke up this morning to a very strong but delicious smell coming from my kitchen. I think my roommate made herself an omelette and the smell got me thinking about breakfast before I was even out of bed. I had bought three different kinds of mushrooms at the coop the other day, and had yet to find a place to use them, and so this open faced egg sandwich was born.

I started by chopping the oyster, shitake, and crimini mushrooms, fresh baby spinach, cherry tomatoes, and a small shallot.egg prep

Then I fried the eggs until they were almost done, leaving them slightly undercooked as I wanted to reheat them right before serving. I am an over easy/over medium kind of lady, so I always do a flip. Not so keene on any runny white but loving the runny yolk, it is a hard balance to master, but with patience you will get it! I try not to use cooking spray very often, but in this case I find it works better then regular oil in keeping the eggs intact. eggs frying


Next, the veg! I added the mushrooms and shallots first, allowed them to cook for about a minute, and then added the spinach and the tomato. Both have a high water content so it is best to wait until after the mushrooms and shallots have some color before adding them to the pan.egg veg

At this point, I threw my gluten free Udi’s whole grain toast into the toaster, and made a space for my eggs to go back in the pan to warm up while the toast was toasting. At this point I turned off the burner, as I did not want to overcook the eggs and the residual heat would do just fine.egg staying warm

Next, the assembly. Topped with aged goat cheese and basil, this was a hearty, yet healthy breakfast that I will certainly make again. It really didn’t even need the bread, in fact next time I may substitute sauteed potatoes, to make a mushroom and potato hash.

I have also been experimenting with “vine” videos- hearty breakfast

egg 2egg 3egg 4