Mac and Cheese

broc cheese 1 I was craving mac and cheese while my mom was visiting, and so both of us got a frozen Amy’s brand single portion. We had been walking around all day and didn’t feel like cooking. She of course went with the regular cheese and pasta, and I opted for the one that is gluten and dairy free. I have had it a few times, with some roasted broccoli and it is pretty good. They use Daiya brand cheese, which has a buttery taste which really goes well with broccoli. Anyway, I got home, popped them both in the oven and had a strange urge to check the packages again. To my dismay, I found that I had purchased the gluten free package and not the gluten AND dairy free. So disappointed, we went to the local natural store hoping they would have it. They did not, but they had the Daiya cheese and so began my quest of making my own recipe. I have to say, it turned out really well! A creamy consistency and it only took me about half an hour to make. I used goat butter and Bob’s gf all purpose flour to make the béchamel and then added almond milk, salt, pepper, a little nutmeg and the cheese.bechmel cheese I stirred in some broccoli and baked it in a casserole dish, and voila. broc cheese almost done

broc cheese 2