The Need For Chocolate..

I mean, let’s be real, the need for chocolate never goes away. I was the kid that always chose chocolate whenever there were flavor options and some things never change. It has seemed over the past few years to be not that challenging to make brownies dairy free. But dairy AND gluten free brownies; I did some recipe testing and this is what I came up with. They are rich yet don’t leave you feeling light. I like to add the additional toasted nuts but they are also wonderful just as is. I also made Ina Garten’s Ultimate Brownie recipe with some dairy free substitutes as well if you are ok with gluten and want a serious chocolate fix.

This brings me to my next point.. raw chocolate is delicious. In my chocolate frenzy I have consumed more chocolate bars then i wish to admit. I am most excited however, when I find something special out and about in the city. I have been frequenting Pure Food and Wine, which is just outside of Union Square in New York City. It is a raw vegan restaurant where I can also get my chocolate fix. Their classic sundae is ridiculous! Raw vegan, daunting I know. How could their food be good, and especially a sundae? They make their ice cream using raw nut and coconut flesh. Though expensive (a shocking $16) it is well worth it if you have a problem with dairy or just want a really clean but incredible sundae. I took a picture one day when I was half-way through. I also highly recommend the raw chocolate bar, Fearless Raw Organic Chocolate.






I particularly like the coconut bar but they have great unique varieties such as chia and flax crunch. Hope this gives you a few ideas on how to satisfy that craving for something sweet.