I was inspired the other day to make cookies when I was at a good friends house who made bacon cupcakes with maple frosting, and the batter looked more like a cookie dough then a cake batter. Her recipe is incredible, and she is beginning her own bakery Broadway Bakery (she does custom orders at the moment and can adapt to allergies but her stuff looks amazing!!) Unfortunately her recipe had a lot of butter, milk and flour, so I watched her and my sister eat these mini delights and lets just say I wanted one.

Well, really, let’s start by saying I am pretty much always in the mood for a chocolate chip cookie but how do you make one that is still delicious when you are cooking dairy AND gluten free. This was a challenge I was ready to tackle. So many gluten free recipes call for an elaborate blend of flour substitutes as it helps create the right texture and flavor. This however can not only be tricky to find all the ingredients but also pricey! I decided to use what I had for my first batch, almond and brown rice flour with a tablespoon of coconut flour to add flavor. I used almond extract and maple syrup in these cookies and in the end was interested to find that they turned out more like tea cookies then something you would think of as a traditional chocolate chip cookie. They would be amazing on a cold night next to a warm beverage. Here is the recipe and photo is below.

But, to make a chocolate chip cookie that was thin, but chewy, but crispy on the edges, and tasted like the traditional cookie you remember? Time to think outside the box. Oats are something that most people with celiacs avoid because they are not always certified gluten free. They are often contaminated with flours etc. Bob’s Red Mill brand makes certified gluten free oats that I ground in my food processor into a fine powder to use as flour. In my recipes it is very important to sift the flours as there will be seed particles that will make your cookies granular. Anyway, this was the trick!! By using half oat flour, half almond flour and again a tablespoon of coconut flour, the cookies were light and delicious. I served them at a dinner party and lets just say there were not that many left. They are also very easy to make vegan by using an egg replacer instead of the egg. Even if you don’t have a gluten or dairy intolerance I guarantee you will like these. Here is the recipe! Now to make those bacon cupcakes dairy free….